About Us

Dowling Advisors was formed in 2007 to provide specialized services in the insurance industry through both the provision of consulting services and the acquisition of legacy portfolios. We have expanded our  areas of interest to include  MGA's, Wholesale Brokers, Lloyd's and Insuretech.  The Principals  have over 90 years of experience between them in the insurance and reinsurance sectors. The group operates from offices in New York and through affiliates in London.


A primary driver for the establishment of Dowling Advisors is the acquisition of insurance companies, portfolios, receivables or other insurance related businesses in order to deliver value for the benefit of all stakeholders. In pursuit of these transactions, our in-house transaction expertise, our operational infrastructure and our knowledge of our marketplace puts Dowling Advisors in the best possible position to deliver value from these acquisitions.

Consulting Services

The range of consulting service offerings reflects the background of the founding directors and includes:

Litigation support and expert witness support

Corporate restructuring and financial advisory services

Mergers and acquisition assistance

Insurance and reinsurance consulting services typically involving complex  insurance claims or portfolio investigations

Managing Directors

Raymond Dowling - Managing Director & CEO 

Corcoran Byrne - Managing Director & General Counsel

Robert Hendel - Managing Director