Principal Investment

In addition to providing consulting services for insurance companies, Dowling Advisors also acquire insurance related businesses in the US and abroad.  Once completed, acquisitions may operate independently or benefit from Dowling Advisors' existing operating platform and expertise.  Our specialized expertise in managing run-off business makes us a natural buyer of legacy business.

If you are thinking about the disposal of all or part of your business then we are well positioned to assist you in achieving your goals. Transactions involving insurance businesses are complex given the highly regulated insurance industry. This is especially true when an acquisition involves part of a business (such as a run-off portfolio) which resides within the same balance sheet (and therefore the same regulated business) as the ongoing active operations. In line with our commitment to working with vendors as partners we will invest our time and expertise (at our own expense) exploring and developing a solution with a vendor. 

We work with a wide range of investment partners when acquiring businesses in the insurance sector. If you are interested in investing in the sector whether that be via debt or equity funding then please contact us.